Spiritual Awakening Guidance and Activations- Are ready for expand yourself?


Everyone on the spiritual journey is always seeking for guidance. Guidance for the next step to take, in all areas of our lives. 

The spiritual awakening journey is life altering – full of joyous and soul opening experiences, yet also times that are extremely difficult.  

This guidance is designed to help you and is perfect if you are looking for some immediate understanding and navigate our current landscape. How this is impacting your life, your body, auric field. We will assist you in releasing all of the energies that are holding onto fear, doubt and insecurity from the collective and the unconscious mind that is keeping you in a state of confusion, fear, stagnate, pain, repeated loop(s) of loss, confusion and limitation. 

You will have clarity, perspective and feel empowered in a single session with profound spiritual energies, facilitation into experiences of awakened states of consciousness, create a sense of empowerment power and alignment within yourself and potential. Where you will not only feel safe, peace and step into your sovereignty. 

These Spiritual awakening sessions will give you an in depth understanding of your situation and personal relationships, and also helps you recognize significant patterns in your life. Your life experience will be explored to discover new insights, invaluable information and a clear perspective on your alternatives for resolving your present circumstances. Defining your strengths and abilities will be an essential part of this guidance.

I am here to guide you in any area of your life, no matter where you are now and where you want to be.  We will align you with the infinite for clarity, empowerment, discernment where you can harness your true power so you to feel confident supported and joyful. Create the life of your desires, boost your spiritual, energetic and physical immune system. Raise your vibration quickly and allow you to hold so much light that anything that is of lower vibration will simply fall away. 

Let's Begin!!!


Session Format and How This Works


·  Help you understand your reality and experiences through reflection and a higher perspective, a deeper understanding of your aspects and you being the architect of your reality.

·  Look into current limitations / patterns, re-defining them from a different perspective and start the process of shifting through them consciously and energetically.

·  Energy transmission focused on either of these aspects:

o  Personal Development or Healing

o  Spiritual Awakening and Connection Activations

Session is offered via Zoom.

SRH requires a 24Hour Cancellation 

(If you are late or should completely miss your scheduled appointment, 

no refunds are given due to the allotted time already being reserved.)



How will a One to One help you?  

Whether you are facing a powerful life transition, encountering a pressing problem, stuck in a rut, feel unable to navigate through a challenging situation or you simply would like to accelerate on the path of self-discovery, self-mastery and evolution.

 A One to One Guidance Session with Audrey will help you make a quick shift in the best way possible. 

This type of session provides the clear space to help you move through these challenges and attune to fresh solutions to help you live your best life. You may also receive direction which may assist you to navigate consciously through transition, confusion and or various developmental cycles. Also, during a One to One guidance session, you may gain greater understanding of yourself, hidden patterns, conditioning and freedom from stagnant past issues.

*Working with Audrey, you may receive stunningly accurate guidance and creative inspiration to enhance your life, work, strengthen joy within relationships as well as expand as an individual.

Thank you for your interest in our Services.

Payments are required prior to service. 

Once payment is received you will be directed to a link to schedule your session with me.  If no response is received within 24 hours, please check your spam folder.




Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


60 min - ZOOM

Per 30 minute increment thereafter: $50.00 USD



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

One month package.

Receive 4x 60 min ZOOM sessions with me. For accelerated awakening and integration. 



1 Month In Person Program

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A monthly in-depth Mentoring and awakening Package. Receive one on one in person guidance, energy clearings, healing and integration.

4x 60 min, one on one in person, personal attention.

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